A couple questions before I purchase

I am thinking of purchasing, but I want to make sure that the backtester can do what I need it to do.

Is it possible to buy multiple lots on the same bar on the same symbol? I understand the software can scale in and out, by adding or subtracting from one lot, but can the software create 2 or more lots on the same bar?

For example say I have something like this:

buy1 = buy condition1
buy2 = buy condition2
(or maybe there's some other way to code the concept I'm unaware of?)

Is it possible they will each perform a separate trade on the same bar for the same symbol? Is there some way to do this concept with the software or no? I just want to see if it's possible and how before deciding whether to purchase.


This is possible ONLY if you code your system in low-level custom backtester.

And it is much more complicated than two lines of code.

Ok, thank you so much for the info.