A "funny" story about what 3rd party antivirus vendors are doing

As you know I recommend using just Windows Defender as your antivirus.

Why you should not use 3rd party antiviruses is shown in the recent story from Raymond Chen telling how "major anti-virus software vendor" has been injecting their code into processes in such ridiculous utterly wrong way that it is hardly believable:

Quote from article:

I pointed out to the customer liaison that what the customer is trying to do is very suspicious and looks like a virus. The customer liaison explained that it’s quite the opposite: The customer is a major anti-virus software vendor! The customer has important functionality in their product that that they have built based on this technique of remote code injection, and they cannot afford to give it up at this point.

So be wise and don't install software that is doing harm to your computer. Stay away from 3rd party antiviruses. Use Defender, it is far from perfect, but at least Microsoft people do not memcpy() to foreign processes.