A little help for my first IB Database

Hello and thanks in advance for the help.

I am a new Amibroker user who is trying to create his first Database by feeding it from my IB broker. I know IB data is "special" to say the least. But it is where I have my account and I have data purchased at a very good price from Nasdaq, Amex and Nyse.
I have read this guide several times: AmiBroker - IB real time feed and I consulted forums and websites but I am not able to do what I want.

My current goal is to design strategies, analyze, optimize, create screeners and trade, only with US common stocks (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX) by swing trading. I will need daily data although I may also want to work with time frames of 30 minutes or even 5 minutes at least.

To do this, I would like to create a database with the approx. 4,750 companies that exist between Nasdaq, Nyse and Amex Exchanges and a few indices (SP500, NYSE, Nasdaq Composite). This database should be updated, I understand automatically and I would like to work on it so that it includes the ICB classification of companies (industry, supersector, sector, subsector).

Nothing more and nothing less than that is what I intend and honestly, without the help of some charitable soul and no matter how much I am dedicating time to it, I am not capable.

Am I wrong and the IB data is not valid for this? Do I STOP paying them at IB and contract somewhere else?

Thanks a lot.

Hello yonsi72,

setup/configure database could be a complex task. You have to declare symbols, match these symbols with datasource(s) and adjust your labels/extra information.

AB has powerful buildin features in conjunction with AmiQuote.

I would suggest to create a NEW database to figure these things out ...

Additional you can import every label/property by .csv and .format files.

Please research AB forum ... :



There are many very helpful posts written down by @beppe, @fxshrat, @PanoS, ...

Best regards,

Thank you very much Pietro,

The option to create a new Database from Tools/Update US symbol list and categories seemed like a good start to me. Also, it creates what I wanted: Nasdaq, NYSE, and AMEX (although I think it's not just common stocks and includes something else).

I have read that it is updated from the Amibroker website and I understand that therefore, the data will be correct and updated, right?
What I don't understand is what classification it uses, that is, it is not the ICB or the GICS. It must be a "special" Amibroker?

On the other hand, now I have to find out how and from where I could feed this database with quotes to have history and real time. I'm trying it from IB but in many symbols, the symbol doesn't match... phew!

It would be great if Amibroker could also provide quotes to maintain that database it allows you to create (paying for it). Thus, for the US the circle would already be closed.

Amibroker is incredible but it requires a lot of effort and time to learn everything, it is clear that this is going to be a long road. I really want to learn!!

Hello yonsi72,

i do not work with ICB or GICS just in time ... To update the AB DB quotes you should use current AmiQuote 4.15 ( order additional ), this tool will save you tons of hours. You are able to get current quotes from Yahoo or some other datasources.

Please see:


... please research via AB forum

Here a sample forum post for GICS import:


Best regards,

Hello again,
I am going to try to ask very specific questions to see if that way I can make progress in my creation of an EOD+RT database from IB.

  1. What does mean "running two instances of ami" and how to do it?

  2. In Ami's guide it indicates that IB does not indicate the opening price but I can see it in the realtime quote. It is normal?

Thank you so much

Hello again,
Here's another specific question.
I just created a Database, select the IB plugin, local storage enable and put 1000 bars in EOD.

I add a symbol, in this example INTC and not even a Daily candle is loaded.
However, if I set the interval to 1H, I can see a few.

Why does this happen? How do I upload a large EOD history?
Thank you so much

  1. first question - two AB instances

you can load Amibroker twice in MS Windows. Each Instance has different database loaded and different content. First instance := first load of AB program has EOD data of multiple symbols with large history. Second instance := second load of AB program has tick data of small amount of symbols with short history, because of for example 80k ticks per symbol per day. Database is limited to 1000000 bars per instance.

This results in large histroy for EOD multiple symbols and shorter history ( days ) with tick data / less symbols. The trick is to have more than one instance loaded of Amibroker program and different content/periodicity.

Please remember by design of MS Windows, you plan to use OLE only the !!! first !!! loaded instance of Amibroker, OLE is working.

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  1. second question - Open Price

Simple check/verify your quotes by using AB Quotations Editor

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  1. third question - EOD history

i know IB has limitations in backfill ... please research by IB papers. My setup uses Amiquote and Yahoo, this works very well ...


And last but not least there is no hard limit in software. The message is for unconscious users to prevent them from typing absurd numbers in 'number of bars'. See

Thank you very much Pietro,

Sorry if I need to be specific. So, this two instances is like opening two separate word files?
Then I will be able to put on one Ami a daily chart with a long history of e.g. INTC and on the other Ami, a shorter chart of INTC in 5min?
And will these two instances be "connected" in some way?


Thank you very much Pietro,

I do not understand. Does IB show the opening price or not?
As I said, I can see it in the realtime quote but the guide says it doesn't show it...

Then you said to just check it...I don't understand.


no you are wrong, opening two word files you have one instance of winword.exe loaded.

Opening AB twice in two separate instances you have in easy speech two separate bubbles of one AB instance, not sharing pc resources between this two instances. Every AB instance has separate database loaded and is managing the database in its own instance "bubble".

Please give me a screenshot of your Quotations Editor ...

Thank you very much, I finally understood. Open two Amis that have nothing to do with each other!!

Thank you very much, I finally understood this too. I was confusing the Realtime Quote with the Quotation editor.

Please re-think the magic behind realtime. A tick is a tick construct O H L C with same price stamp. The agregation in peroidicity results final in visible bar(s) of any defined structure/tick base/range/volume/timeframe. So when you subscribe tick data @your provider or perhaps only 1 min data it will result in different datapoints in quotations editor. The quotations editor looks inside your database to declare/verify exact what is stored and would make it posssible for you to correct some things. Now you can reseach/recognice/check/proof your data onto building your tradingsystem. Last, backfill data will/could rewrite your current stored realtime content with new provider averaged data points NOT same as stored current in your database.

Please have a look at these useful posts:


... your journey will never end ...

Well, after several attempts I'm still in the same place, I know that my level is very low and I'm really a novice.
Please, can someone guide me step by step to create a Database from IB? I came this far, I created the Base but now I stop.

How should I import tickers, quotes and even if possible some fundamental data from IB?
I want the common stocks of Nyse, Nasdaq and Amex.

I also do this, create a new symbol (INTC) and the plugin loads only a few daily candles.

Hello yonsi72,

first you have to read/study the AB manual ...


Start from Tutorial page 41 step-by-step, study page 155 ff. "Understanding AmiBroker database concepts".

Tomasz did this 1478 pages to support us best.

Best regards,

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Hello Pietro and thanks for responding,

I assure you that I have already read that tutorial several times, that I am spending a lot of time reading everything I can in this forum, that I have signed up for a paid course (of the two in Spanish) to learn Amibroker and that I I'm looking forward to it.

In the course (which cost me €500), we have already learned how to create a Database from an investing.com plug-in (which cost me €40), we have used the plug-in to create the symbols (through .csv files) and then the import wizard, to categorize them (also through .csv files).

However, my goal is to create a Database from my broker (IB), with the current Nyse, Nasdaq and Amex stocks. A database with a large daily history (EOD) but that can also consult current quotes in 30 minutes (RT). A Database categorized through the ICB and even with certain fundamental data to be able to later filter them. I think that from IB I can't or I don't know.

I am seriously considering purchasing Norgate data (Gold or Platinum) because, although I would love to know how to create the Database on my own, without spending more money and using the resources that exist on the internet, I cannot do it.

However, I am going to continue trying. And if by chance I manage to do what I want, I promise to make a tutorial in Spanish (step by step and for dummies), so that other newbies don't go through all this rigmarole.