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Please let me know if its possible to use the output (e.g. the equity curve) of one algorithm as an input to another? I would like to have something similar to the risk management of a live account by the performance of a paper account. The Buy/Sell conditions of the 2nd algo would be the same as those of the 1st with the Equity check added (to scale down or switch off when the DD grows).

I reckon that it could be possible by logging down the Equity value of the 1st algo to a csv file and using it as an additional input by the 2nd but is there a more elegant solution?

I actually tried the log approach but saving files apparently does not work with the trial version.

Will purchase after solving this issue.

The Underwater curve to illustrate the issue:
2_ Underwater Equity

Yes you can use Equity value of one system as input of another system.
You can create a copy of one system equity as shown here:

Later in other system code you can use Foreign("~~~MY_EQUITY_COPY", "C") to access other symbol equity.

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Finally had time to try it out. Works great, thanks!

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