A Suggestion for the Next Version

Present Version of Amiquote is running very well. But I have one suggestion. While choosing stocks at present we have to put in the symbols in the format
It is a tiring job to insert the symbol name every time with Exchange name. My suggestion for the next version is that there should be a dropdown list for all exchanges whose data is available available on either google or yahoo.So a user can select the exchange name in that way following by putting the name of the symbols in the "Add Ticker Box" . Hope that will make this job less time consuming and more smooth.

Ticker list file is simple text file. You can use editors like Notepad2/SublimeText/etc to prepare ticker list. Such editors make it easy to just paste exchange name in every line automatically.

Thanks for your reply

Once your ticker list is in AB, AQ can "import ticker list from AB". It's under 'tools' I think. Populates with one click.

No Actual problem is something different: many symbols are there which are common to different exchanges although their full names are different. In that case if you do not mention the exchange name wrong data will get downloaded. Say in NSE the symbol INFY is Infosys Ltd, but in NYSE it is Infosys Ltd ADR. that is why exchange name is highly required.

So? Just have proper names in AmiBroker. You should just have NSE:INFY in your AmIBroker database. That's all. No problem.