A very newbie questions

A very newbie question.
In the "Symbols" window, passing the mouse over any of the Markets, Groups, etc. shows you the number of symbols that are inside. But in the first row "All", it doesn't. It's true? Or is there a way to show the total number of symbols?
Thank you so much

And another question, in these windows (Symbols, Information) can you delete things that you don't use? For example, if I am not going to use GICS grading, can I delete that folder? If I am not going to use the Valutaion section, I can delete that section) etc.
Thank you so much

These are not "folders". These are categories. Categories are not "deletable". Total number of symbols in the database is shown in the status bar tooltip.

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Thank you very much for taking the trouble to answer me. I have signed up for a course on AmiBroker (in Spanish) because the learning curve is important, but I have no shortage of desire.

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I can't find a way to put the body outline and wicks (shadows) of the candles in color black. They appear yellow by default when I select use different color here:

Can you help me please? Thank you so much

Go to the Colors tab in the Preferences window, and change the Plot color.


Thank you mradtke, but it seems not work :sweat_smile:

the outline of the candles and the wick remain yellow

I already found it, it was Parameters/Price/Color. I had it in yellow.

I think that from there, you should only change the color of the price in the Y axis and the border and highlights, you should change it from Preferences/Colors or Bars&Candles.

Mr. Tomasz, that may be a suggestion for improvement :sweat_smile:

There is no need for any improvement.
All it needs is just reading what you see before your eyes.

The Preferences page says specifically:


DEFAULT colors are .... default, i.e. only used if you use colorDefault in your FORMULA.

If you had this:

Plot( Close, "Price", colorDefault );

you would use default color.

@mradtke answer would be OK if you used default color, but you didn't.

If your formula uses any specific color either hard coded or by means of ParamColor, it is settable by Parameters dialog, again as described in the manual

Everything per-chart is either in the formula or in Parameters dialog (if you use ParamX functions)

Every chart can have its own (non-default) colors.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to a newbie.
I don't quite understand your answer (I'm learning very little by little) but I was only referring to the fact that there could be the option to select the color for body outline and wicks as I show in the montage that I attach. In Preferences/Colors or in Preferences/Bar&Candles. Greetings.

When we are new to AB, we will feel like that. Get used to it then you will understand. I also felt like that. If we were to put options like those individually, you would run out of space adding them. Just see how various things work with each other but it will take time.

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@nsm51 is precisely spot on.

@yonsi72 you need time to learn first how things work.

The suggestion is bad, because it does not address the dynamic color (color passed to Plot() may be array and plot colors may change on-bar-by bar basis, there does not need to be "single" color for all wicks/outlines and they also may very depending on bar-by-bar conditions. You would need to have not two but DOZENS of wicks color settings, to address all possibilities - not practical, difficult to use and understand and not controllable from formula).

@yonsi72 You need to give yourself time to learn. Newbies very often think that they know everything the first day, it is called Dunning-Krugger effect. Only after a while you start to understand things and appreciate breadth and depth of this software.

Thank you, now I understand why my proposal is not a good idea, but I have always recognized from the first moment that I am a novice (I have never believed that I know everything from the beginning (not the Dunning-Krugger effect or anything like that), on the contrary, I think that I It's going to take a lot to learn) and that's why I don't stop asking questions even if they seem absurd and I won't stop doing so (unless they tell me otherwise).
And in relation to proposing something when I think it may be useful, perhaps it would be better to wait a reasonable amount of time until I have learned more.
Thank you so much

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It is like visiting new city. Initially you can easily get lost, so it is good idea to hold the map/guide in hand.