AB 6.20.1 seems having problems in managing tickers starting with Number

Hello there,

I'm having a problem in adding to the database a ticker starting with a Number. Specifically, in trying to adding the ticker 9GA9.FRA, which is an ETC quoted to the Xetra (WisdomTree Short Gold, previously from ETFS).
Adding it to the database appear to work, ...., but only UNTIL I save it and close AB. When I restart AB (version 6.20.1 dated back to February 17, 2017) the symbol is still there but there isn't ANY data, i.e. the symbol is void. By JUST renaming the symbol X9GA9.FRA everything work fine. Any clue ???
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@dalmas sometimes this kind of "strange" things are due to the antivirus program.

The first step you can take to see if this is the cause of your problem is to add the folder/s where you are storing your AmiBroker database/s to the exclude list (almost any anti-virus application has an option to exclude entire folders from monitoring/scans).

(I assure you that AmiBroker works without any issue with tickers that start with a number; I have multiple databases where some tickers start with a digit and one of Hong Kong securities where all names are just numbers).

Thanks Beppe,

Well, I have Avast. I just stopped it (the file protection AND the behavioural one ). Renamed back X9GA9.FRA as 9GA9.FRA, saved it closed AB, and .... The issue is still there. BTW, I also added the whole AB database in the exclude list. I will leave the ticker with 'X' in front of it, since, honestly I have no time to find where the issue is. I just raised the question since I'm long time AB users (> 10 years), and this is the first time I had this issue. Anyway, thanks again, BR, Marco

There are NO problems with symbols starting with a number. A Number (0-9) is treated as any other character.

You've got some local problem, unrelated to AmIBroker.

Check if:
a) you have space on your hard disk
b) subdirectories in database exist
c) all folders and subfolders are WRITABLE (not-readonly)
d) you do not have Microsoft VIRTUAL STORE on your disk

Make sure that you don't have VirtualStore folder like this:

C:\Users*current logged in user*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker

If such folder exists, it means that your AMiBroker was NOT properly installed in first place.
Existence of such folder means that writes are redirected by Windows to wrong place (VirtualStore)
and they may cause all kinds of troubles including inability to save new content.

To fix that you need to:

  1. Delete Virtual Store folder
    C:\Users*current logged in user*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker

  2. Run FULL SETUP of AmiBroker


Thanks Tomasz,

Bingo !!!. Culprit was your b) point: There wasn't 9 subdir in database, so AB was not able to store the ticker starting with this '9' number. Honestly I don't know why; I can have removed it long time ago, since the DB is in place for more than 10 years. Thanks & Sorry, BR, Marco