AB Account Manager- minor improvements

Wish everyone a very Happy New Year !

@Tomasz Thank you for the feature loaded 6.40 release.
I guess the below mainly concerns AB so you could look into to it for the next beta.

Account Manager looks like a very less used feature in AB and I don't find much on it here in the forum.

A) Account Manager - Color fix for Dark Theme

It is a bit hard to read.

B) Request - Commissions ( % of Trade value field )
Minimum commission is 0.01% allowed and lower values are rounded up to 0.01%
Currently we get lesser cost on each leg with Brokers here, if you could drop the minimum to 0.001% would be nice.

C) Request - Textbox
If there could be an additional textbox for "notes" so each trade can have some textual data.
The text entered would "appear" as a column in open/closed trades and transactions Tabs

Account Manager for me is pretty useful and regularly used.

Thanks once again.

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