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I have recommended AB to a few people and get questions about training. I see that there are a number of courses out there, both for AB in general and AFL in specific. Are there any great ones? Ones you would recommend?

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Good question. Although the internet is filled with sometimes usable stuff, finding training as comprehensive as AmiBroker is sophisticated would be a great place to start. Many here know AmiBroker amazingly well but many like me feel the need for training.
Hope there are some good recommendations!!!

In the past there were conferences in Houston, TX and Las Vegas, NV that covered various aspects of AmiBroker. Those events were organized by Richard Boroff and Houston community of FastTrack users that were also using AmiBroker. It was in 2006, 2007 (Houston) and 2008 (Las Vegas). As you might remember 2008 was also a year when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and financial sector took some pain and the interest in organizing such events diminished.
There were some events / courses in Australia some years later.

Nowadays you would need rather to look for resources available online:

There are also plenty of videos on YouTube, I like those made by Dave for example: https://www.youtube.com/@DaveASXWatch

There are also other online courses like this: Amibroker CBT Intensive Course | Marwood Research

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@BBands, a couple of old threads with user opinions about some Amibroker courses:

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I had forgotten about the gatherings in Houston and las Vegas. I believe that my friend Duke Jones attended them. It could be nice to have another AB get together where we could all meet and greet other users, perhaps something casual in Euroland rather than a formal conference in the US. I regularly go to an audio version (ETF) that moves around Euroland. It runs three days and does have a few formal talks, but is mostly about networking with like minded people at meal times.




I didn't know about the second edition of Urban Jaekle's book. I liked the first edition that he did with Emilio Tomasini. I shall have to order a copy.



@BBands, another source for learning more about AB is the recorded meetings of the ABC User Group.
To access it I think you will have to register on their forum (some meetings have also been published on YT).

By the way, Urban Jaekle (@Urban) presented meeting #41, where he also discussed one of the strategies in the new book.

Some other very interesting presentations, IMO, are the ones of Matt Radke (@mradtke) and Alan Clement (@HelixTrader).

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Tip of the hat!
Tip of the hat!
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@BBands great to see you on the forum here. I have a reasonable amount of material on Amibroker on my YouTube Channel in my Amibroker Playlist
I also have some articles on my side that might help people get started Link Here
My course is centred around Amibroker but it is not an 'Amibroker Course' per se, it is a systematic trading course that uses Amibroker so may not be what you are looking for to refer your contacts to.

The materials on ABC User Group are also good as @beppe suggested.

Adrian Reid
Enlightened Stock Trading

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Adrian, thank you for sharing, I did not find your channel earlier, so it is great that you pointed it out!

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