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Hello everyone

Through an ODBC connection to an access Db I feed my AB Db. The ODBC connection uses the driver that exists in my OS, in this case version 16.00.5287.1000, since I am using the 2016 Db Engine, the last one that MS published. This connection works fine, but if I do a Db update, the AB Db does not pick up all the changes from my access Db. In order to try to solve the problem, I have checked the following:

  1. the database engine configuration,
  2. the ODBC connection configuration and
  3. finally the ODBC connection configuration from AB

Everything is correct, but the new prices still do not appear. I have restarted AB, but the new prices still do not appear, I have forced the ODBC connection, but the new prices do not appear.
So I have done a second test, creating a new database in AB, using the same ODBC connection, the same MS driver, the same Db in Access and the result is correct, now all the data appears. :slight_smile:

Ok, now I have two Db in AB, connected with the same connection to the same Access Db.
What is happening?
File from OLD Db
File from NEWER Db

In the old database, the symbol that does not load has a size of 228.708 bytes, while the same symbol in the new database has a size of 228.788 bytes, that is, 80 bytes less...:frowning:

Could anyone tell me an alternative way to connect?

Thank you all, good luck

Symbol might be marked as "Use only LOCAL database for this symbol"


Hello Tomasz

Since use only local database makes Db appropiate for being update from ODBC and not from another plugin, you're thinking in the possibility of the local Db has been updated form ODBC and from another plugin, is that yor thoughts?

I thought that this file is corrupt by other reason, so if I delete the symbol the problem will ends, and thats what I did. But this morning loading the Db the problem happened again. Lets see tomorrow

Thanks a lot for helping!

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