AB to Excel with a twist


I know how to save exploration results to an Excel file (using fopen... etc) but have been looking for something where an Excel sheet automatically updates once new exploration results are available, without me manually loading the new file with the results into Excel. I accidentally came across this video and it is exactly what I need and I find it really intriguing. Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you very much.

@Mojotrader it is done controlling Excel via OLE automation.

If you have access to the old Yahoo Amibroker forum, there is a thread discussing it that was already referenced by @teyano in a previous thread.

In that discussion you'll find a working example by @fxshrat ( all roads lead to Rome: simply reshuffle a bit the YouTube poster nickname :slight_smile: )


Thanks a lot to the both of you, @beppe and @fxshrat. I looked up the link you mentioned but unfortunately, the latest version of the formula @fxshrat attached to the post in that forum can no longer be downloaded. Would it be possible to repost it here? This really would mean a lot to me as this is exactly what I am looking for.

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I couldn't access old yahoo group . Can anyone help me in getting information to learn about linking Excel to Amibroker?

Thanks to @fxshrat