ABC type correction scanner

I am looking for a code for the ABC type correction scanner (simple, flat, etc.).

You may go through this, it will help you get started better,

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I am specifying :slight_smile: I am interested in AFL which would allow me to search for (and show) simple and flat corrections (A-B-C) on the stock charts. I should probably include the ZIG ZAK formula, but for now it is too difficult for me.

You can check the AFL Library, there are some beautiful codes on this subject, for e.g.:

  1. Alternative ZIG function by Edward Pottasch;
  2. Alternative ZIG type function, multi TF by Edward Pottasch;
  3. Harmonic Pattern Detection by Edward Pottasch (specifically this one would help you immensely for the ABC pattern);
  4. Zig-Zag by Jeff (another alternate ZigZag using log difference instead of percentage).
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