About StockInfo

Hi @Tomasz,

I would like to know more about the StockInfo that I found in ADK

  • How is the mapping between symbol and their stockInfo? is it a 1-to-1 relation? or can a symbol has more than one StockInfo?

  • Are there any possibility to store historical Fundamental data in Amibroker Local Database?

I tried to search both information, coudnt find it

Thank you

It is 1-to-1 relationship and fundamental data are stored in AmiBroker database already (but only current values). Historical fundamental data can be stored, if needed, in artificial symbols in regular OHLCV, Aux1/Aux fields.

Well, just found related information from this link

may be this is an options

Which one do you think a better solution, using artificial symbols, or external file?

for artificial symbols, can you describe more about this idea?
assuming 1 symbol has 5 years of fundamental data (yearly)

Thank you

Native database is faster than anything else.

Everything is in the Knowledge Base: