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Thanks @tomasz - Hi all I'm Rishi the founder of Tiingo. I'll be here to help answer any Tiingo-related questions :slight_smile:

Look forward to speaking more with everyone!

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Hi @Rishi_at_tiingo ,

I just subscribed today at Tiingo. I also created a new DB in Amibroker to download all US symbols. I am using the AB list of US symbols for the download. I am finding 2 issues though:
1- Speed of download is quite bad, 2-3 seconds per symbol, so that would take about 3-4 hours to complete the 6K+ symbols I am requesting. is that expected?
2- I have got some hundreds of symbols with different names, like DX-PB in the AB DB, and DX-P-B in Tiingo. Is there any way you know of importing the data "translating" the code so that Tiingo knows which symbol I am requesting?

Many thanks for your help and congrats for such complete DB.

Hi @spanisharlem

  1. Hm that should not the case at all. Are you using CSV format to download the tickers? I know both Tomasz and I have run benchmarks and most people note the API is very fast. If you are downloading all of the data, it is A LOT of data so it could depend on internet connection? But first thing I would do is check the CSV option right where you enter your Tiingo API key
  2. For Preferreds our format will always be P-{preferred share class}. Everybody keeps a different nomenclature so it's hard for me to say if there is a master translation list :-\ In v2 of our API we will have permatickers that will make translations easier.

Let me know if the above helps! I want to ensure you have fast download speeds :slight_smile:

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yes, I have got the "use csv format" option on. Shouldn't I? I know it's a lot of data, but have 100 Mb speed, so should be more than enough.

Regarding the naming, i have got now a translation table for around 500 symbols from the AB automatically updated system table to Tiingo. I can send it or post it here if anybody is interested.


Yes you should definitely leave "CSV" on. Hmm how many simultaneous downloads do you have? Can you send me this screenshot? Can you set the value to something like 20?


If you hit the API directly, you can see the speed directly and it can help isolate the issue.

If I hit:


I get a very quick response. Can you verify if the link above in your browser is fast (append your API token at the end)? It could be the additional seconds are due to AmiQuote post processing and if that's the case, setting simultaneous downloads to a high number should solve it :slight_smile: Our API can certainly handle the load.

Thanks, I have got 1 simultaneous download. And that link downloads instantly. Increasing the simultaneous download to 5 does speed things up but only relatively. I will contact you privately if issues persist.

Hi @Rishi_at_tiingo,

do you have any plans to add the current volume data to "Tiingo.com Current"? So far this is only possible with "historical" and therefore not as a snapshot of the current day. Tomasz mentioned this also in this post.
Another option would be the IEX data, but as far as I know this would only show the volume of the IEX and not the volume of the main or all stockexchanges.