Abuse of subscription, was: IQFeed data problems

screenshot.9 At the start of this week the app started showing incorrect data for charts with very wide bars in 1-min chart as per attached chart. The data window shows a constant number of queued backfills. The status for some of the symbols is "Old". Thinking that something had gone wrong with my layout I restored an old backed up Amibroker folder. Now it is doing the same thing. Has something changed in the data feed from IQfeed?

Did you try to backfill the bad chart above? If it’s still there I’d contact IQFeed. I only had that happen once like above and it was for a Canadian stock that had low volume so I was first to flag I guess. They corrected the data. But for SPX that be weird to undetected.

Did have some one off bars with tick data as they sent what we would call bad ticks through the feed.

I did try backfill and after correcting the previous errors it stated doing the same thing again. The whole backfill thing is doing things I have never seen. In the backfill window all the symbols are marked "Old" even though it just finished backfilling for all of them. I have had to stop using Amibroker because there doesn't seem to be any way to resolve this problem. Thanks for the reply.

If some symbols are marked "Old" it means that you are EXCEEDING IQFeed subscription limit (500 symbols).
You must not exceed your subscription limits.
If you are getting too many queued backfills it means that you are using IQFeed incorrectly. You should be using "wait for backfill" because IQFeed is not able to backfill
as fast as you are requesting data.

It has absolutely nothing to do with AmiBroker.

You are just exceeding IQFeed subscription.

At the time of option symbol rollover the IQFeed keeps counting the previous symbols toward the symbol limit. You have to logout to reset the count or do the rollover whilst not connected to IQFeed. This was an issue with a third-party app but only affected Amibroker and not my other charting app. "Abuse of subscription"?! Hardly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The subscription limit is global, i.e. it is shared between multiple applications if you use multiple applications with single IQFeed subscription. Once you exceed 500 symbols in total (in both apps), you are going to get problems because IQFeed will deny subscribing to more data than you are allowed and symbols will be marked as "OLD" (because they do not receive RT stream).

It is global and also per connection. If you logout it resets to 0. If you replace the symbols it will still keep including the old ones in the count. That is the key. I just did a symbol replacement and it is showing 353 symbols connected via IQLink and 17 via Amibroker. In reality about 190 symbols are being downloaded.

It also seems to be a function of how the data is downloaded. Those connecting to the iqfeed API are counted. No matter how many symbols I download via QCollector, which doesn't download via real-time and might use the TCP/IP, the symbol count for it stays at 0.

QCollector does not request real-time data. The symbol count only includes real-time streaming data.