Access EOD synthetic ticker from intraday explorations

Hi, just to confirm what I've read here

Accessing daily eod data in 1 min chart

I have a synthetic ticker containing shares outstanding as a EOD series:

And I want to use this data for my intraday setups. But it looks that Amibroker just tries to compact intraday data and ignores the EOD data in the database:

shares_out_symbol = Name() + "_" + "SHARES_OUT";

shares_outstanding_daily = V;
shares_outstanding_expanded = TimeFrameExpand(shares_outstanding_daily, inDaily);

Filter = 1;

AddTextColumn(shares_out_symbol, "shares_out_symbol");
AddColumn(shares_outstanding_expanded, "shares_outstanding");

And the shares outstanding is not retrieved from the EOD data, a funny number shows, guess compressed from some inexistent number...

So, my question is
Is there a way of accessing EOD data from intraday analysis?
I guess the only solution is to create the synthetic tickers as intraday series with the same interval as regular tickers, correct? This will make the DB grow quite a bit...


Ok, I think I might have find a solution, but I'm not sure if it will cause any other side effects.

For synthetic daily data that needs to be accessed from intraday analysis I imported the synthetic data with Time field providing just the first minute of every day:

shares_out_symbol = Name() + "_" + "SHARES_OUT";
shares_outstanding = Foreign(shares_out_symbol,"C");

Filter = 1;

AddColumn(C, "price", 1.4);
AddTextColumn(shares_out_symbol, "shares_out_symbol");
AddColumn(shares_outstanding, "shares_outstanding");

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