Access to price data via Ami Object Model

I have such question.
I use QuickAFL mode in my AFL code. It is enabled by SetBarsRequired(10, 10) statement. But sometimes I need to get data from earlier bars.
Is there any way to access the data of earlier bars (O, H, L, C, V) when QuickAFL is enabled? That is, by the number (bar index) or date/time of the bar, find its data (O, H, L, C, V).

For example, using the Ami Object Model?

That is, to do something like this:
DTArray = DateTime();
if ( ParamTrigger("Retrieve bar data ", "CLICK HERE"))
AB = CreateObject( "Broker.Application" );
stks = AB.Stocks();
stk = stks.Item(Name());
qts = stk.Quotations;
bar_count = qts.Count;
count = 100; //for example
aa = qts.retrieve(count, DTArray, O, H, L, C, V, OpenInt);
printf( ""+ aa );

This code gives an error.
I do not know how the "retrieve" method works. There is not much information in the Help about it, and I do not know where else to look...

Retrieve() method isis for Visual Basic only, as only Visual Basic supports passing OLESAFEARRAY by reference.

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