Accessing daily eod data in 1 min chart


I have 1 min data and EOD data in the same database and also the option "Allow mixed EOD/Intraday data " selected.

If I use the below code it seems to show the HHV & LLV from 1 min data rather than EOD data.

PDH = TimeFrameGetPrice("H",inDaily,-1);
PDL = TimeFrameGetPrice("L",inDaily,-1);

I also tried but shows the same value as 1 min HHV and LLV for the day.

EOD_PDH = Ref(H,-1);
EOD_PDL = Ref(L,-1);

E_EOD_PDH = TimeFrameExpand(EOD_PDH,inDaily,expandFirst);
E_EOD_PDL = TimeFrameExpand(EOD_PDL,inDaily,expandFirst);


Is there another way to access EOD data from within 1 min chart ?



I did come across this post

but is there a workaround to access EOD data in a mixed intraday/EOD database from lower timeframe like 1min ?


With mixed data , using intraday timeframe you can only access daily data obtained from compactation of 1 minute data, Amibroker ignore the eod data


Thank you awilson. I am going to trying importing EOD data to another symbol and see if that can be accessed using Foreign().

I am still struggling to access EOD data from 1 min chart. This is my problem, data received from the realtime data provider for what ever reason don't capture the real high / low in 1min timeframe but they do provide correct high/low in eod data. I am importing 1min and eod data in same database. So far i had two charts open one in daily time frame where i set the previous day high to a variable and read that variable in 1 min chart, this works.

Now I want the same data in explorer with interval set to 1min and when i access daily data it seem to get 1min compressed data which doesn't contain the correct high/low. Can anybody provide pointer on how I can solve this please?


Please go through AFL multi time frame explorer : Need help