Accessing forum through Discourse App

Larry, luckily Safari works as a charm. Thanks.:slight_smile:

Yes, new users have Trust Level = 0. I don’t know what trust level is required for iPhone/Android app, but apparently higher than zero.

I did not write the app. It is written by Discourse team, so I can only guess, but the guess is that
the app asks user to authorize displaying notifications about new posts. Without the authorization the app would not be able to notify you.

I have just installed the Discourse App on iPhone and all works well. I just clicked ‘Authorize’ when prompted and all is good.

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Works perfectly for me on Android. :ok_hand:

Thanks. Did not try to install the app again. The web environment is offering the experience I was looking for.


The Discourse app on my iphone stopped working. When I try to add "", I get a pop-up error message " was not found!" What could cause this? Uninstalling and reinstalling the app did not help.

Try httpS:// (secure connection).

@Tomasz thanks for the reply, but https also fails with popup error " was not found!" It seems odd no one else is having this problem. I can't be the only user accessing the forum with the iPhone discourse app. Safari works fine by the way.

@Steve - Works well for me

iPhone 6


I did not write that app, but from what I know it is basically thin wrapper around OS built-in browser so as long as browser works, the app should work too.

What you may try is to display other discourse based forums like

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Discourse isn’t connecting to Recently it has started showing up authorize screen and doesn’t connect. Any idea on how to fix this?image

Me too I have the same problem for about 2 months now.

Is it iOS or Android?

If iOS you need to use web browser instead. "Discourse app" seems to be using bot instead of normal access and bots are prohibited except Googlebot, since they caused way too much traffic.

I did not write iOS or Android apps. Please complain to app developers.

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@applet - the screenshot tells you that the app that you downloaded wants to display notifications and unless you give it the right to do so, it won't work.
If you don't want to give it any rights your only option is using web browser.

Please note that I DID NOT write those apps. Complain to app developers, not me.


Definitely is not from your side Tomasz. I have install in two android mobile the app, and this notification appear in only one of them . I wrote here as I can't find the setting of the Discourse app. Sorry about that.

You might be using different Android versions on those phones. Depending on Android version app permissions are handled differently, see


Runtime requests (Android 6.0 and higher)

If the device is running Android 6.0 (API level 23) or higher, and the app's targetSdkVersion is 23 or higher, the user isn't notified of any app permissions at install time. Your app must ask the user to grant the dangerous permissions at runtime. When your app requests permission, the user sees a system dialog (as shown in figure 1, left) telling the user which permission group your app is trying to access. The dialog includes a Deny and Allow button.

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I just checked on Android 7 and after clicking "Authorize" button it works just fine.

Thank you Tomasz you let us know.
My Android version 6.0.1 was working perfect since you greate this forum,
this notification “authorize” screen, actually starts to appear when this “data protection” arrives on internet (maybe was Radom ) but starts those days.
I spent some time yesterday on chrome web browser and I check the settings but NOT luck yet.

If someone asks me how I manage to connect the forum this is what I do.

  1. I press the "Connect" button
  2. Then I press "Authorize" button
  3. And then I press the "Connect" button again

this is the way I connect to the forum (with 3 clicks) since I canot find why does NOT save settings of Authorize button
Thank you again

Threads on Discourse own forum that discuss that and

For what it is worth, one should be aware of the fact that "Discourse app" is nothing more than wrapper for built-in mobile browser (Chrome on android, Safari on iOS) and quite frankly I see no advantage of using it instead of just using browser directly. Same sentiment seems to be present in comments in AppStore and Google Play

Google Play:

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I used Discourse App on iPad & iPhone 7, but API access denied error 0xe8000015, how to access API and send me the full setting of the application.