Accessing forum through Discourse App

Thank you Tomasz you let us know.
My Android version 6.0.1 was working perfect since you greate this forum,
this notification “authorize” screen, actually starts to appear when this “data protection” arrives on internet (maybe was Radom ) but starts those days.
I spent some time yesterday on chrome web browser and I check the settings but NOT luck yet.

If someone asks me how I manage to connect the forum this is what I do.

  1. I press the "Connect" button
  2. Then I press "Authorize" button
  3. And then I press the "Connect" button again

this is the way I connect to the forum (with 3 clicks) since I canot find why does NOT save settings of Authorize button
Thank you again

Threads on Discourse own forum that discuss that and

For what it is worth, one should be aware of the fact that "Discourse app" is nothing more than wrapper for built-in mobile browser (Chrome on android, Safari on iOS) and quite frankly I see no advantage of using it instead of just using browser directly. Same sentiment seems to be present in comments in AppStore and Google Play

Google Play:

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I used Discourse App on iPad & iPhone 7, but API access denied error 0xe8000015, how to access API and send me the full setting of the application.