Accidentally closed main chart with indicators

Hi, I just closed accidentally the main chart with indicators rather difficult to reconfigure.
I saw that it's possible easily to reinsert the corresponding price chart, but unfortunately
without the indicators, so not exactly the same chart which was accidentally closed.
Unfortunately I didn't save this chart neither.
If there is no way to to reestablish the chart in this case I don't understand why
there is not at least a warning pop-up which appears usually in such situation
like "Are you sure to delete definitively this chart ?" or so...

Moderator comment: You are mistaken, the confirmation dialog IS in place, see
Accidentally closed main chart with indicators

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You should take time and fully acquaint yourself with the AB software instead of blaming it for lack of functionality.

Secondly a simple Google search would have resolved your query with the first two links pointing to the articles.

The whole Layout is always kept saved and all you had to do is reload the Layout.
Well you can search that part yourself.

Lastly, backup AB data and all your important data in the whole system, because it seems you're not used to that and we wouldn't like you running to the PC manufacturer blaming Hardware or OS faults.

While you are on the Forum kindly read this, you may not receive any help in the future; because apart from your post being a duplicate which should be flagged and deleted; You have to adhere to Forum rules


@Achalendra here are some ways of restoring accidentally closed chart:

.... and read about layouts and templates:

... but It is also strange for me that when you have a chart with some panes and you want to close one of them, you have to confirm your decision for every pane you want to close if you have below option checked:



But when you accidentaly click the "x" button, which is located very near the "+" button:


... you are closing the whole chart window with all panes, drawings etc. without any warning or confirmation... Frankly it seems illogical to me :wink: but maybe @Tomasz has a good reason for this inconsistency :slight_smile:

In my opinion it would be very useful to implement additional option similar to the above one (Tools-->Preferences-->Charting) for instance: Ask before closing chart window. In that case everyone would be able to decide whether receive such confirmations or not. It also happens to me (from time to time) to close one of my charts accidentally, because as I wrote above, the "x" button is very close to "+" button. Most importantly It is also easy to click "x" button when switching the Tabs.

If someone would like to have such additional option available, he/she can add his opinion to the already existing thread in the Feedback Centre --> Confirmation When Closing Main Chart Window #814


Thank you very much for your explicite answer.
It resolves indeed all my problems.
AB is very complexe, so it's not obvious
to get familiar with all the details, even if I use it already
for some years and also wrote some afl code...

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The warning IS displayed before closing LAST chart window. And what is more the warning displays instructions how to restore. So all that is needed is some .... reading....


I am always surprised that people click on buttons without reading anything. With such approach you will sooner or later "accidentally" format your disk.

Also in Windows there is a standard that confirmation dialog is only displayed when things are NOT saved. But in AmiBroker the default template is auto-saved, so you can always re-open what you got using File->New->Default Chart.

There is nothing more annoying that confirmation dialogs that appear 20 times per day and this would be first thing to turn off (or of course complain that "too many" are displayed and new "feature request" to add an option NOT to display them)


Thank you very much for your answer. In my case I had many other charts open,
so I didn't experience this warning before closing the last chart. I was not aware
that one can open a second instance which keeps all the initial charts of the first one
while it's still open.

For what it is worth: you should NOT be opening zillions of identical tabs with same indicators because this consumes resources and resources are limited. AmiBroker is lightning fast with switching between symbols and if you want to see charts of many symbols it is way faster and less resource consuming to use watch list and simply SCROLL using cursor keys (up/down) thru symbols using one window (tab). Navigation thru symbol list is also easier than using zillions of tabs.

AmiBroker is not web browser. Displaying a chart in AmiBroker for new symbol is INSTANT, you don't wait for anything not even fraction of second. So there is no reason to keep tabs open as you do with web browser where it takes lot of time to load the page.


That's not what I do. I have various charts open, may be 8 - 10, but with various set ups
and indicators adapted to the different underlyings.
I indeed never experienced any problems with speed, also the updates after loading are very fast.
Only the processor may sometimes rise to 40% or so but generally remains between 20% and 30%.

That is a very specific case. Personally I don't even remember when was the last time I had only one chart in the layout (probably after first AB instalation). I usually have at least 8-10 charts visible (but not zillions) - some of them linked by Symbol and/or Interval. I think that multi-charts setup is nothing special in the era of 4K displays and multi monitor setups. Especially when using the lightest and the fastest TA program on the market.

I know that many users focus on doing backtests on EOD data (usually after the session) and for them a single chart might be enough, but there are also people using AB for intraday/live trading needing more demanding setups. When switching Tabs quickly - it is really not that difficult to close one of the charts unintentionally.

If that is the case, than this option is also unnecessary:


Is there at least one user on this forum who has never clicked something by accident (or not precise enough) - especially performing some tasks quickly and automaticly for the n-th time? Maybe there are, but I'm not one of them...

If there was a similar option for the whole chart window, each user would be able to choose which option suits him best. It is very similar to placing orders. Some want to place or modify orders without confirmation - as fast as possible, I always want to be protected from "fat finger errors" and choose additional confirmations when necessary.

AllI wrote was that in my opinion (of course others may disagree) it seems illogical that when I have this option checked I am asked to confirm closing each of the chart panes (exactly as I intended) but at the same time I can easily close all of them (in one go) by accident without any warning...


The chart template is a pretty cool feature just like code snippets and probably least used or forgotten.

One can set a complex chart with multi panes and sheets and just save each one.
Atleast for now it should work, yes?

In addition to old local template format a new one is added with .chart extension that keeps not only window sizes and formula references (paths) but also formulas themselves, so all you need to do is to save your chart into one file (Chart Template, Complete *.chart) and copy that file onto different computer and chart will be recreated with all formulas linked to it.

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I agree - chart templates are very useful and I use them on a daily basis. I also use chart sheets, watchlists, layouts, normal charts, floating charts, I switch data bases etc. etc. I think know pros and cons of them. I've been practising using them for quite some time ...

If nothing changes, that's fine - no problem I can live with it. I tried to provide some real arguments, but if they are perceived as nonsense, then it's no use writing about it any longer because it will not change anything.

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I typed ms e x c e l or something and the post is pending Mod approval. Will wait :slight_smile:
In that post i said Milosz is Pro :smiley:


I wish I was :sleepy:

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You are pro Milosz :wink:

I'm just referring to the OP and others who started similar topics.
They don't explore all the options.
The kind of capability chart save has cant be matched by any other.
Now there is new feature request that we can bug TJ for :rofl: :rofl: that is periodic full auto-save like MS Excel with crash recovery and versioning.

I'm just kidding on the above but this has become a reality as less tech savy ppl get into softwares.

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It is perfectly logical. The option is about "pane". If you close pane it is NOT auto-saved and you can't easily revert. Quite opposite happens when you close entire chart. This you can easily revert (File->New->Default chart).

And the warning before closing last chart is because some people switch to "panic mode" (aka: "I lost everything") when they see blank screen (i.e. gray screen with no chart window) even if nothing was lost and send panicky emails to support. That is the only reason for this warning - to stop panic mode in some.

There is a reason for every design decision in AB.