Accounting for Slippage and Commissions in back-testing

I need to account for slippage and commissions during back-testing of options.

I plan to day-trade using 1-minute bars with no hold overnight.

Potential symbol names could include almost anything traded on the NASDAQ, NYSE, or AMEX exchanges.

My broker is Interactive Brokers.

Some suggestions on proper settings for this are greatly appreciated.

As for commissions...
Go to Analysis settings "General" tab -> "Commissions and rates.."


Or by code via SetOption() function

Interactive Broker commissions

Adding slippage by code the simple way

SetOption( "PriceBoundChecking", False ); 

Slippage = ...; // Add your slippage value here

BuyPrice += Slippage; // add slippage to buy entries
SellPrice -= Slippage; // subtract slippage from sell exits