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My AB database is connected to an Access database throught an ODBC connection. This connection has a string format as you can read the string from AB database setup. Well, you know.

The ODBC connections uses an ACEODBC.DLL library from Microsoft. Inside of this library resides some drivers for reading or writing on a Access file. In this case, AB, uses an access driver to read the access database. Up to now, I'm using a library version 16.00.5287.1000, which works nicely from AB. But these last days I've had to update the system and that library has been replaced with a newer, called 16.00.15225.20070. Ab has stopped working, giving an eror code from ODBC's driver which I don't understand. This is the error code:

ODBC error AB

As you can see, the data 100 is the error code from ACEODBC Library. I searched the exception codes for that library, but it seems it has four digits not three digits. So this would hace sense for me, because the Ab message is cutting off the rest of the error string. It makes sense for you?

have you watch this problem?

It has nothing to do with AmiBroker. Obviously the problem is with UPDATED 3rd party ACEODBC.DLL driver (not part of AmiBroker), so you should just revert to old version. Replace 3rd party driver with old working version.

And no ODBC plugin does not truncate anything.

Thanks Tomasz, It was a typical user error, I did no see one name of the database field, and this was disrupted ACEODBC.DLL.

I'm sorry for that

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