ACT file format

as yahoo has gone and i down load from google any body out there who can put me on the right track to convert amibroker file format to ACT format so that i can use it with harmonic analyser.
have tried the csv export but not getting any where any help would be greatly appreciated

According to their help files, CSV format should work, but really you would get better luck asking their support because nobody here uses Harmonic Analyser, afaik.


thank you very much for your time,have sent them 2 emails but so far no
reply think they are as confused as every one else who uses yahoo.

the CSV format works have tried it down loaded from google finance one
ticker’s data exported it and it worked just for one symbol , one symbol
at a time would take me all night

then found this one but somehow it does not work

AddColumn(OI,"Open Interest",1.0);

may be am doing some thing wrong.
thanks for your help.

The formula is OK (probably taken from ) and surely works for exploration.

But the other software that you are using may not be flexible/smart enough to understand different date format. They may be expecting say US format and you may be getting your Windows default date format.

Please understand importing data to other software does not belong to AmiBroker.

thanks very much for your time was hoping that some one else might have
same problem but like you say no one else uses it so have to wait for
their reply.

thanks once again.