Activation floor (Applystop)

Regarding the following:

ApplyStop(stopTypeTrailing, stopModePercent, .0001, 1, False, 0, 0, -1, activationfloor=2);

I can't find much documentation on what the 'activation floor' means. Does it mean that a 2% trailing stop will kick in only after the price has risen 2% from the buyprice?

Thanks for any help.

@C_M, check the ReleaseNotes.html file in the Amibroker folder.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.25.0 (as compared to 6.22.0)
AFL: ApplyStop now has 8th argument: ActivationFloor that defines the amount of profit (in dollars or percents, according to stopmode) that must be exceeded before stop is activated

The same document, elsewhere, also states:

Docs: updated documentation on ApplyStop to include activationFloor

but, unfortunately, this seems not the case for the ApplyStop() function documentation (let's hint @Tomasz to check it - by the way it seems to me that this should be the 9th argument.).

Anyway, I suggest to review also this past thread and this one


Thanks beppe.

I assume one would need to use it in conjunction with

ApplyStop(stopTypeLoss, stopModePercent, 2);

to take care of the situation where the price moves down immediately after buying?

Would be nice to have it in a single line. Like a fixed stop that becomes a trailing stop after x points/$/percent.

@beppe, could you help me understand why this simple trailing stop code will sometimes exit at the same price as the buyprice on the next bar? I checked the settings carefully and thought they were correct.

   SetPositionSize ( 1,spsShares); 
   SetOption(	"FuturesMode", True);
   SetOption(	"AllowPositionShrinking",false);
   SetOption(	"ActivateStopsImmediately",false);
   SetOption(	"ReverseSignalForcesExit",false);
   SetOption(	"AllowSameBarExit",	false);
   SetOption(	"CommissionMode",2);					
   SetOption(	"CommissionAmount",5);              
   SetBacktestMode( backtestRegularRaw);//multi ); 

BuyPrice = sellPrice = C;

s = ROC(C,1)>0;

Buy = s AND Ref(s,-1) AND Ref(s,-2);
Sell = false;

ApplyStop(stopTypeTrailing, stopModePoint, 2, ExitAtStop = 1 );



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