Add a stock specific column to custom backtester

I am trying to add a new specific column to the right of the backtester columns on the backtest results screen image, for instance something like RSI (14) for the date listed.

I am able to output a different calculation for the entire backtest as below, (borrowed from the library) but can i view a stock specific output value RSI(14) related to each trade using custom backtester?

thanks in advance,


SetCustomBacktestProc( "" );

if ( Status( "action" ) == actionPortfolio )
    bo = GetBacktesterObject();
    bo.Backtest(); // run default backtest procedure

    // read Net Profit, Winners and Losers profits from the report
    st = bo.GetPerformanceStats( 0 ); 
    netProfit = st.GetValue( "NetProfit" );
    tradeProfits = st.GetValue("WinnersTotalProfit") + st.GetValue("LosersTotalLoss");

    bo.AddCustomMetric( "Trading profits", tradeProfits );
    bo.AddCustomMetric( "Interest earnings", netProfit - tradeProfits );

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You have to pass arrays (such as RSI()) from first phase of backtest to second phase (CBT) via static variables.