Add foreign file ticker to Norgate data

Hi everyone!
I am using Norgate data. But I need to access other symbol data that Norgate don't have. Is it possible to add it manually? If yes then what should be the structure of the file and how can I plug it in?

You can import the file into your Amibroker database just like you would do if you would not have Norgate.

The database and the Norgate database will co-exists next to eachother and you can use both.

It would end up looking something like this:


The VXX_OWN is my own version of the VXX which holds all the historical data.


Thank you so much! What data format are you using for your file? Also do you use ASCII Import Wizard or other way?

It's just a simple ASCII CSV file with OHLCV data. I indeed used the Import Wizard for this specific file but I also have some other files that are imported with a batch (after I created the format file for it)

Usualy normal import should do the trick since most data will not be a problem. If you want help and want to set it up for daily import etc, send me a message and I can show you how I do my daily imports.

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Thank you very much again! I will try to do it myself over the weekend and might come back to you if any problem )

Always remember to allocate the symbol to a non-Norgate market/group, as defined here:

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