Add full name to the ticker in the tree option missing

This option seems to have gone missing although the same option for the ticker box is still available

Also, it it possible to widen the display area in the ticker to display a few more characters of the security name? (Should I enter that request in the wish list?

How to resize symbol entry box / ticker selector:

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It is not missing. You have to add Fullname to Fullname field of Information window.
Either by manually inserting into Fullname field (typing) or via Ascii Import for all symbols at once.
Also see

And option for ticker box also works only if Fullname has been added to database (see upper paragraph).

My ticker box display is working fine using the approach you described..
(However, I asked in a second attachment to this message if there was a way to make it wider to acomodate longer names securities. See note below)

If you look at the original help for "Preferences" you will see that there were two options provided for display of these names.
One for the ticker box and the other for "tree" (the title line at the top of the price display panel),.

In earler versions of Amibroker, I did have the security name included in the "tree" at the top of the price pane.

When the Presentation panels were reorganized in later versions, only the ticker box option seems to have been carried over on this page.
Which is why I asked about the other one having "gone missing" - I assumed the capability to do this still exists in the code. But i did not find a way to activate it..

Do you know how to activate this second display of the the name information?

(I note that the present display on the ticker box truncates names. With truncation many long names (funds and ETFs especially) it is unclear if the intended fund or other security has been selected from a long list that appears the same in the ticker box.)

Inn any case thanks for the great answers details.

@jcs Did you follow the link from my reply? It shows how to resize symbol entry box / ticker selector... If that is what you want to resize:



About 10 years ago symbols window was reorganized - you are apparently referring to that old layout. Since then symbol window has two panes and tree only holds categories while and symbols are presented in the pane below as a list which allows extra functionality like quick search and sorting by full name.

As for ticker combo-box it can be resized just when you go to Tools->Customize as shown here (Flash required)

... or maybe you just can't see the Full name column because ... :wink:



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WOW! I don't know who to thank, as I got several FAST and helpful anwers to my question on expending the width of the ticket box.

It's a super site with very super help from form a great group of well informed folks.
So thanks again!

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