Add heavy-used keyboard shortcuts

For many heavy coding users and students,
some keyboard shortcuts are very welcomed, please consider, since
it makes teachers of Amibroker can be much cool when they teach their students,
and it makes heavy-coding users much like to pay for new version,
such as:

  1. Keyboard shortcut to call out a [Formula Editor], [AFL Code Wizard].

  2. Keyboard shortcut to execute [Stop Debugging], [Syntax Verify],
    [Prettify Selection], [Line Comment].

I read this topic a couple of times and still couldn't get what you meant.
If I haven't understood clearly, kindly clarify but I think what you are referring to maybe "single key" direct shortcuts or lesser key presses.

If you look at AB, it is in line with most other applications like popular programming editors, MS office apps etc, otherwise you will just run out of keys if you kept assigning direct keys as shortcuts.

That is why apps that have a lot of menu options use 2/3/4 step shortcuts to sort of navigate to a particular menu option.

Trying to address your points:

  1. What I tried here: from AB window, go to customize mode (Tools > customize)
    Select Category: Analysis then Assign shortcut for Formula editor. I tried ctrl+alt+F. works
    I think only here it opens a blank new AFL, as opposed to edit if an active chart or AA is present when shortcut is hit. AA window has an edit button and AFL chart from its context menu.

Next. Assign a shortcut key same as step 1 for AFL code wizard.

You can still achieve the above with shortcut keys, Alt+A, F and Alt+A, W

Point #2
The same applies, once the Formula editor is the active window.
You can press the ALT key and the shortcut character will be underlined.
Maybe Prettify and Line comment are yet to be added but go/stop/verify all seem to work.


@Alexlin, please, see also the @Tomasz answer in this thread.

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Agree, otherwise we will just run out of keys if we kept assigning direct keys as shortcuts.

Thank you for your detail help! :smiley:


Press the ALT key is a good way
to replace the keyboard shortcut (avoid to run out of keys),

so it is very welcome and helpful
if new version can fill some missed shortcut character in menu items.

I've already read it, Thank you very much. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I've also noted those in my first post but those are easier to do add and probably will come.