Add symbols everyday


I am running amibroker on my linux machine using wine. My symbols list ( different for everyday) is present in a text file and would like to import into amibroker.

Since the ActiveXComponent is not present in linux, would like to know if any other way to add symbols to amibroker database and also cleanup database at the end of the day in one signal call.

Any ideas on how to code this ?

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Have you looked at the ASCII file Import functions?

That may get your data in, but I don't know off the top of my head how to assist in the daily wiping out of the database. Logically, delete the file and re-create, but that would mess up your charts...

You don't need to "cleanup". Imports can be repeated safely and NO duplicates would ever occur as import does not mean "blindly add". Import means:

  • check if there is ALREADY matching record in the database for given timestamp AND
  • if it does NOT exist - insert it at proper position (so ordering of imported file can be anything)
  • if it already exists - replace (update) existing record.

TJ, I think he means it differently.

He says

And by cleanup, I think he wants to delete the symbols themselves by EoD I guess.

He wants to achieve Application.Import() and ADQuotations.Remove() programmatically.

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@Traderninja AB is a very advanced software, not something regular off the shelf.

You have to explain in a bit more detail what you are trying to achieve.
What is your data source?
Are you working on EoD data or is intraday.

Symbols that aren't used in AB aren't loaded so they don't eat up resources. You don't have to import and delete same thing everyday.

If its a lot of Data, you can Limit the local storage size and only the latest data will get saved.

There are many ways, but you got to be specific.

If you are a relatively new user, then spend time with it and go through the KB and manual. There's a lot to explore.

Sorry for less details in my question.

I have a client program which gets the list of stocks that are candidates for trading and needs to be imported to AB. These stocks symbols are present in a text file. Before importing the symbols to AB, I would like to clean the AB database so that previous days data of any symbol is not present. After importing symbols, I would like do back filling of the symbols added before market opens. Once the market opens the live ticks will be feed to AB through plugin. Then the scanner is run on all the symbols to generate the sell and buy signals.

Data source for AB is coming from the client program running locally . It uses websocket connection with broker server for backfill data and also for live ticks. My client programs dumps the ticks data to a file and then the AB plugin will read the file. ( I am thinking of extending ASCII plugin for this). I know that this solution is not optimal, however I would like to improve it after I get hands on with the AB programming.

My solution is focussing on mainly the intraday trading.

Well i can come up with a crude idea for so called cleanup.
Create and empty DB and save your layout and everything else that can be saved.
Say default DB is Data.
Create a copy of it.
Every day after work, delete the Data folder and create a copy from the empty one called Data.

Its crude and it should work but it's untested.

For the import, you can import ascii file symbols in one step.
Will let you know if i can think of something.

By the way is it registered version or trial bcos there is a big difference between the two.