AddColumn error

I'm still learning how to use ADDColumn here. Please tell me what I did wrong. `DayCross=(cross(MA(C,8),MA(C,13));

Filter= DayCross;

AddColumn(DayCross, "DayCross");`

@Veasnar the first thing you did wrong is improperly post an unformatted code so we can't copy it into Amibroker and work on it to help you.

It is so simple to press the three ``` back quote dashes followed by your code and then three more of those back quotes, (it is on most keyboards as the lower case under the tilde ~ symbol).

That is all it takes to properly format your posts!


The next obvious mistake is too many parentheses

DayCross = cross( MA( C, 8 ), MA( C, 13 ) );

Filter = DayCross;
AddColumn( DayCross, "DayCross" );

Thanks, Larry. I'll make sure to post the code properly next time.

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