Adding additional info to chart title squeezes the chart

When i add additional information to the chart title, the price chart is getting squeezed, how can i get around this?


Squeezed price chart:


It is not because of additional data but your IRSScore which is value 46 and therefore being included by the way you have written your AFL code.
Post your formula to get the appropriate solution.

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Sure, here is the section of the code.

_SECTION_BEGIN( "Additional Display Information on Chart" );

PotentialEntry = ( O + H + L ) / 3;
Plot( PotentialEntry, "\n Potential Entry", ColorRGB( 51, 255, 51 ), styleNoDraw );
PotentialStop = L - 0.1 ;
Plot( PotentialStop, "\n Potential Stop", ColorRGB( 255, 140, 0 ), styleNoDraw );
PotentialExit = (L + (H-L)* 0.75) ;
Plot( PotentialExit, "\n Potential Exit", ColorRGB( 255, 0, 0 ), styleNoDraw );
Plot( IRSScore, "IRSScore", ColorRGB( 0, 206, 209 ), styleNoDraw );
//Plot( ATR(5), "\n ATR ", colorLightBlue, styleNoDraw );

you can use "styleOwnScale" in Plot() of IRSScore but if you dont want to plot it, then dont use Plot function in the first place.
Instead just append the IRSScore variable directly to Title string.

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You have to use ( styleNoDraw | styleNoRescale ) or easier styleHidden (which is actually combination of styleNoDraw | styleNoRescale )

Right now you are using styleNoDraw alone which, as name says, does not draw, BUT still performs rescaling.

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