Adding Alias,Round Lot Size and Tick size

I have datafeed from esignal and I trade on NSE through IB account by calling IB Controller methods. ESignal symbols have different format vis-a-vis IB symbol formats. My list comprises of 200 symbols. Each symbol has a different lot size. Few have different tick sizes. At present I have created symbol mapping csv file. I read IB Symbols, Round Lot sizes and Tick sizes from the csv file using fopen function and use these for placing orders.
I presume that using aliases would be a faster approach. I want to add eSignal format in Symbols field, IB format in Alias field, symbol specific Round Lot Sizes and Tick sizes ... all in one go from a csv file , instead of adding the details one by one in the symbol information window. Further, I want to call symbols in IB format and lot sizes to place orders through IB Controller. Tried going through Import Wizard and Import ASCII related topics. Still not sure how to go about. Please advise/ suggest.

@Rvdesh, I do not have eSignal data but if you have enabled the local data storage I think this should work.

Prepare a text file to be used by the Import Wizard.
Such text may be something along this sample (adapt it to your tickers and data)

Ticker, Alias, LotSize, TickSize
XYZ, XYZ-STK-BVME-EUR, 100, 0.05

Then in the Import Wizard (in the 'Additional commands' text box) you should enter/paste these extra instructions:

$GROUP 255

Please, review the Import from ASCII documentation if you need additional fields.

If you are not sure, I suggest to experiment with a new temporary database and when everything works as expected do the import in your working database.


In addition to the kind suggestions by @beppe above, also have a look at the following thread.

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@beppe, Thank you very much. As suggested by you, I am going through, to understand and review additional fields.....Once done, will try it. Regards

@bappe, it worked perfectly, thank you very much. :pray::+1:

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@NowToLook. You can just follow bappe's instructions.

@NowToLook. You can just follow bappe's instructions. In your case type $FORMAT TICKSIZE only and retain remaining lines as they are in bappe's step-by-step instructions.

In my case ?:confused:
@rvdesh, what case ? i was suggesting YOU one more relevant thread.
Anyways Please mark @beppe 's post above as solution as it resolved your issue.

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@NowToLook. Oh No. I did not read your line "In addition to the kind suggestions by @beppe above, also have a look at the following thread." and straightaway read what was i the box!!:upside_down_face: I am sorry. I went through your suggested thread now. Very relevant and informative. Thank you.

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@NOwToLook. marked as solved.