Adding and removing stocks from watchlist in one click

Is it possible to create buttons for adding and removing stocks from a particular watchlist. For e.g. I have a watchlist "Open positions" and once I close the trades, I remove from the "Open positions" watchlist and add them to "Closed positions' watchlist for my tracking and review.

If this can be done in a one-click whereby I press a particular (GUI?) button, it removes from "Open positions" watchlist and adds to "Closed positions" watchlist, it would be great. My question to experienced members is that - is this possible using GUI controls? If GUI controls are not the best solution, please point me in the right direction and I'll code this in AFL. Thanks.

P.S. I am using Amibroker Pro 6.2.1

@applet, you don't need Gui Buttons. See here:

You can easily assign custom keyboard shortcuts for such tasks. With ctrl key pressed you can select/deselect multiple symbols and add or remove them in one go:

Exactly the same question has been already asked and answered here, so it's always good to start from searching the forum ...


Thanks. I came across this post, however, it doesn't address the solution to my idea where in one click I want to move stocks from one watch-list "open positions" to another watch-list "closed positions".

@applet I suggested trying the simplest solution first, because it works for me very well. No coding required at all.

Remember that if you want to easily select all stocks from a watchlist you can just click one of them in the Symbols window and press ctrl + A. In this way all stocks from a watchlist will be highlighted. No matter if there are 5, 10 or 100 stocks in that watchlist. If you want to highlight only first five stocks (or any 5 stocks in a row) - click the first one, press and hold Shift and click the fifth one - all five will be highlighted. Then simply use a keyboard shortcut and all (or selected) stocks will be added to a different watchlist or removed. I understand that this is not exactly a "one click" solution but it requires not more than a few clicks or a few seconds to complete the whole process.

Of course there are other ways of achieving the same result. For instance:

  1. Using Assignments organizer, you can move all or selected issues from one watchlist to another one in one go.


  1. In AB 6.31 two new commands were introduced to improve Batch functionality which you can use:
  • Batch: add "add results to watchlist" action / WatchlistAddResults
  • Batch: add "clear watchlist" action / WatchlistClear

  1. Of course, if you want, you can add, modify or clear watchlists programmatically (directly from the formula) using: CategoryAddSymbol() , CategoryRemoveSymbol() , CategoryGetSymbols()

Whether it is a Gui Button or ParamTrigger (or anything else) to run such code, depends on you. You can also make it happen automatically - every time you run an Exploration, Scan etc. You can also add the results to a watchlist in specific order - see examples:


Thanks @Milosz - much appreciated. Assignment organizer does the job and is exactly what I was looking for.

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Milosz wrote a nice piece. I’d agree that hotkeys the way to go. Amazing how you can speed up your process in Amibroker with very easy to customize hotkeys. My common are ctrl-a for watchlist, Ctrl-f for favourites, use that for throwing interesting charts into favorited before making it to watchlist.

Ctrl-d/w/m for daily weekly monthly charts. Alt-q for bars, alt-w for candles.

I find a keyboard a efficient tool to get work done, mouse is more of a pain to move your hand over just to click something.