Adding Personlization to the Amibroker Text Box

Is there any upgrade to the riculous text box I have on my Amibroker program? I may want to add personalization and characters of different sizes. OMG!
There has to be a solution to writing better copy on an Amibroker chart! I know I have asked this before, I think.



@Greg9042, did you upgrade to version 6.43.1?

One of the new features is: "User-definable styles in Text box tool".

UI: Preferences: new tab "Text box" to define text-box font styles
UI: Text box tool - edit field now uses selected font style/size so it provides WYSIWYG display of what text would like on chart
UI: Text box tool - new combo box "Font style" to select one of 16 user-definable font styles


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