Adding results of an Exploration Filtered view to a WatchList

I tried to create a custom watchlist with the results showing in the Exploration view with the following code:

Filter = cross( close, ema(close,9) ) ;
AddTextColumn(FullName(), "Ticker Name", 1);

wlnumber = CategoryFind("EMACross", categoryWatchlist ); 
CategoryAddSymbol(Name(), categoryWatchlist, wlnumber);

The filtered explorer appeared correctly, however, when I add the filtered results to the "EMACross" watchlist, the filtered entries are no longer there, I ended up getting the entire symbol list in the database wrote to the watchlist instead. Is there a way to get the same filtered values to write to the watchlist without doing too much coding? please share.

if ( LastValue(Filter) ) {
    CategoryAddSymbol(Name(), categoryWatchlist, wlnumber);
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