Adding SPY Symbol to Database

I'm trying to get data on a new installation for SPY and get properly connected to IB and am unfamiliar with how this is supposed to work.

In Tradestation, I have no issues pulling up either equities or options on virtually any symbol, but here it appears that the process is much different.

I have tried to understand how this works before the last time I tried to do testing here but never fully understood how to make that more seamless.

I'm also still trying to connect it to IB but it seems like there was already chart data available when I started it the first time, so not sure where that initial data came from.

Thank you for all the good assistance here.

Thus far, the following files have been installed and configured with respect to port and API settings:
Interactive Brokers IB Gateway
Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation TWS
Interactive Brokers TWS API
Amibroker's IB Controller Auto-trade Interface
Amibroker's Latest 6.28 Feb 17, 2018

There is a special IB amibroker website providing instructions about connecting AmiBroker with IB

In addition there is a video showing how to connect to IB

Also check out IB forum category about finding correct symbol

Ok, so it looks like it's connected according to the green light in the bottom right of the Amibroker platform but only with TWS, not with IBGateway yet.

However, the chart still isn't populating.

The underlying symbol is in fact SPY.