Adding suffix to the US Stocks symbols

In Amiquote for non-US symbol we would need to add appropriate suffix to the ticker symbol, but how do I add the appropiate suffix to the US-symbol so that not mixed with the local database. For example, the us market has ticker META and my local stock has ticker META too. I want the US tickers to have suffix in Amiquote, such as , etc?
I am sorry if this topic has been discused before/solved, please kindly refer to the link if already been solved. Thank you.

You can use tool like Notepad2. Load the TLS file into the editor, Replace \n (line ends) with .US\n and that's all.

@sunarsusanto, if you already have only US symbol in your database without the suffix (and want to keep them instead of reimporting data) you can use the technique explained in this KB article to add a '.US' suffix to them.

(A backup of your working data is always recommended before operations like this one).

Thank you for the answer.