Addtextcolumn color top 10

I have checked the forum and user guide but cannot find a way to do the following. I wish my top 10 highest value results to be colored green and everything else red. I prefer the actual RSI value column to be colored accordingly but from what I've read it appears a text column is required. But still I don't know how to color the top 10 exploration results a different color.

Can anybody help please? Thanks

text = WriteIf( RSIvaluerising, "RSI Value rising", "RSI Value falling" );
AddTextColumn( text, "RSI value" );

AddTextColumn adds constant text column (so the text does NOT change).

If you want to display different text (and color) on bar by bar basis you need to use AddMultiTextColumn() function, and similar solution is given here: How to add a single column that says oversold, overbought and neutral based on the RSI?