Adjusting Y axis margin between the axis and labels

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to maximise the number of charts on my screen. When I've tiled out my charts, the margins between the y axis and its labels really limits screen real estate.

From my screenshot, the two charts on the left (RCP Daily and Weekly) have a margin as wide the y axis labels themselves, eating into the space for a 3rd pair of charts.

I haven't been able to find documentation for this, are there any options to reduce that gap between axis and price?


Y axis margin is automatic based on axis font size, calculated so numbers of various precision fit into that space. There must be space for 6 digits there.

Thanks Tomasz.

Is there a specific reason why the y axis margin can't be dynamically adjusted? Other programs I've used haven't needed to stick to this 6 digit precision. Or otherwise aligned the y axis labels next to the axis rather than the right edge of the window.

The reason is simple: you want to have charts that nicely LINE UP one with another, not some visual mess like in "other" programs. If you haven't noticed there are Window->Tile options that automatically arrange multiple charts in nice grid that is perfectly aligned and that requires charts to use same layout not some random mess.

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