ADK sample problem

Ive just downloaded ADK in an attempt to make a dll, first step of course trying to figure it out how with the help of samples. Unfortunately I cant seem able to compile anyone of them, gives all sort of errors, I`m using the free Dev-C++, I would have continue trying without asking here however the following error while trying to compile Candle.dll left me without any answer...whats...collect2.exe and what has that to do with the candle.dll sample? is it a Dev-C++ error because I have not found any executable file in that folder? See the attached pictureCapture

Personally, if you can't afford a good IDE, you at least get Visual Studio Community version or Visual Studio Code.

See if there is a Youtube Video for example setup perhaps?

Forget Dev-C++... if you look at the files, you will notice that the developer of the library himself has used Visual Studio.

Compiling sample codes is very easy. All you need is a working version of Visual Studio - latest version is 2019. Don't forget to Install C++, and MFC libraries, and the SDK.

In each of the example folders look for files ending in .dsw and open them ; visual studio will automatically convert them to the new format (.sln files).

At this point, you can build the project. You just need to manually copy the generated dll file into C:/Program Files/Amibroker/Plugin, and that's it.

Just a:


(Please refer: Upgrade C++ projects from earlier versions of Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs)

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ADK at gitlab AmiBroker / AmiBroker Development Kit · GitLab now includes CMakeLists.txt files for CMAKE.
CMake can generate project file for ANY version of any compiler that you are using.