ADX not showing for SOME symbols

when I wrote this code. Its not showing ADX line on some stocks but showing some. I cant find the reason. But every stock has enough data. More than 200 EOD data. Please help

Plot( PDI(13),"",colorBrightGreen,styleLine|styleThick );
Plot( MDI(13),"",colorDarkRed,styleLine|styleThick );

Plot( ADX(8),"",colorYellow,styleLine|styleThick );

The code works for me. You need to be specific. Exactly ON WHAT data (you have to tell the symbol and/or provide screenshot) you have problem.

Unfortunately your question does not provide all necessary details to give you an answer. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

symbol name is PRAGATILIF and SEAPEARL of Dhaka stock exchange. Including these two some other symbols also dont show the ADX line while zooming But if I zoom out it show ADX line. But showing the +DI and -DI line. Other stocks are showing all three line.



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