AFL Code File with All Elements of System

Hi Everyone,

When designing a trading system in AmiBroker is everything contained in the one AFL file?

For example, would charts, explorations, buy/sell signals etc all be in one file or would some items be separated out into their own.

Is it even possible to have multiple chart panes displayed from a single AFL file?

Thanks for your help.

Often they are separate, but not always. Depends upon complexity.

Thanks C_M.

Below is a screenshot of what I am working on. At the moment, the exploration and buy and sell signals are in the formula for the price chart.

The volume and ROC are both separate forumla's.

My system has buy and sell signals based on the ROC and the volume.

Would it make more sense to leave them seperate or integrate them into the same AFL as the system. Would this provide any benefit? The system is very simple - buying a breakout with a few conditions and trailing a stop.


Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

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Volume can be in the same pane if you want. Just drag it onto the price chart and rescale the size if you want. Another good way to visualize volume is to use a 'candlevolume' chart (search here or Google).

ROC is probably better in a separate pane. Alternatively, you could color the bars a certain colour when your ROC condition is met. Search SETBARFILLCOLOR.

In other words you can do it all on one pane. And for something very simple you can have your exploration and backtest code all-in-one.

Awesome. Thanks for your help. All makes sense.