AFL code to 3 consecutive green candles

can anyone help to write afl code for 3 green candles in a row .

Take a look at Sum() function to count consecutive occurrences over a certain period of bars.

period = 3;
consec_bullish = Sum(C>O, period) == period; // True/false array

Thank you for reply , Sorry i am new to AFL just started . This code did not retun in scans so do i still need to develop further to full code?

How about reading the docs if you are new? Have you...?
Why do you want someone to re-explain everything that has been written years ago already?

AmiBroker Formula Language
Understanding how AFL works

Yes, for analysis output you have to add further code.
How to create your own exploration
And before you ask "What is difference between scan and exploration?"...
It has been (additionally) covered here in detail.

If you come here asking then it is minimum requirement to have done your "Basics" research on your own already instead of making others hand over the most simplest basics (which have already been documented/posted multiple times) over and over again. Upper links are part of simplest basics. And there are many more.

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Sure i am also looking to learn insted of asking so this is good starting point . May be someone can help me here if i get struck during the process. Thanks for getting me the starting point .