AFL Code Wizard

We just purchase AFL Code yesterday

Initially when we loaded the AFL CODE wizard,alll the formulas were uploaded

Problem regarding AFL CODE Wizard is that , we are not able to load all formulas viz.,RSI,Mcad.Also we are not able to edit the formula in any mode i.e. not in DESIGN view and Auto Generated Formula.


The image is attached above.

The formulas listed in AFL CODE Wizard is

1.) MA
2.) EMA
3.) DEMA
4.) TEMA
5.) Weighted Moving Average
6.) Wider's Moving Average
7.) LinearReg
17) Bars Since Lowes(all time)
18) Bars Since Lowest Low Value(n-bar)

The other Parameters / Indicators do not show in AFL Box.
How do i create the trading system using other indicators like RSI,MACD,etc through AFL Wizard?????

I have figured out a way to do this, but how do i write a code for macd cross over using AFL CODE Wizard.??????

@samirtuli, I don't know your background, but if you take the work that you have done in the code wizard, and look at it as code, you might start to get a better idea of how to work with AmiBroker AFL.

Then it will take some time to learn as you need to, from the examples here in the forum, or in the manual.

I often recommend that new users start by reading the User's Guide, AmiBroker Forumul Language, and look specifically at the Alphabetical list of AFL Functions, and the Categorized list of AFL Functions. That way you will start to see the names and categories of the tools available to you.

In your case, the Cross function, is listed, and the code can be examined, and you can add your code directly into the AFL editor.


I too have the same question. I am not able to see all parameters/ indicators in ALF coding wizard. Can't we use all indicators in ALF coding wizard? Is there any restriction to it?
Please guide me?

There is a video tutorial that explains how to use AFL Code Wizard in practice: (Flash required to watch the video)

The AFL Code Wizard features subset of all function because it is targeted for beginners. There will be update to AFL Code Wizard published later this year with extended list of functions.

Hi, did you finally find the way to add others indicators to AFL code wizard?

I was looking in to reference AFL function, but its seems a limited indicators options.

Thanks for your help. I appreciete it!


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