AFL Code writing training

Hi Team,

This is my second post today, apologies for spamming, I am looking for mentor / trainer AFL Code writing.

Do let me know if there are some good suggestions, google does returns some sources, but I want suggestions from authentic sources.


@praveenmishra if you look through this forum you will find several very skilled AmiBroker users who may be willing to write codes or help train you. I would suggest you send them a private message. Unfortunately I think you need to be an active participant of this forum to become a level 1 user before you are permitted to send Private Messages.

There is a long thread in the forum with many useful suggestions here.

And I just cruised around the internet and found this site which I don't think has been listed in the above discussion (and it appears to have many users from India if that makes a difference to you).


Thanks @portfoliobuilder... Larry

@portfoliobuilder Hi Larry, thanks for your support, will go through the link.


For posting questions on the forum, you are required to get "Verified".

Please SEARCH for "Verified" or "Verified Badge" and follow the steps.

Thanks ! this is done.

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