AFL editor shows ascii codes instead of performing CTRL+S action

I too use VS Code daily for programming tasks unrelated to Amibroker; it is truly versatile, and since I'm a slow typist I do not feel so much pain!

I prefer to stick to the AFL editor when writing formulas: parameter call hints and F1 on a keyword to display reference documentation are a huge help! And often I use the "Prettify selection" function (sometimes even as a debugging aid)

Anyway, FWIW, here are some common VS Code key combinations that I employ (in order of usage frequency) that I would consider for future versions of the AFL editor.

  • Ctrl+D to execute the multi-selection to allow the multi-edit
  • Alt+Up and Alt+Down to move a line - or a block of selected lines - up/down (on some occasions this is faster than cut/paste)
  • Shift+Alt+Up or Shift+Alt+Down to quickly copy/duplicate a line (or selected lines)

Additionally (even if I foresee infrequent usage of these in my formulas):

  • Ctrl+K+C to "single line comment" all the selected lines and Ctrl+K+U to uncomment the selected lines
  • Enabling multiline editing with Ctrl-Alt-Up or Ctrl-Alt-Down

Shortcuts nice to have but certainly not a priority!

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@Tomasz, probably it is better to split this thread, so other forum users could provide you additional feedback on their AFL editor usage and ideas/requests to further improve it.

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Having the ability to post more than 25 characters into the 'Find in Files' interface would be very welcome as well ...


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At the risk of hi-jacking this thread. I would love to number of occurrences of a highlighted item in the file being edited. Even better would be how many occurrence before the currently selected item and how many after. I have few very large afl files. This feature makes searching & replacing much easier. TIA

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