AFL file association with AFL editor executable lost

I am using AmiBroker and I have recently installed Visual Studio Code which appears to have grabbed the association for AFL files. Therefore I can't edit AFL files using AmiBroker. I can't find the AFL Editor executable, can you tell me how to resolve this (hopefully without having to re-install the program :wink: ).


AFL files are not associated to any executable by default.

There is isn't any separate formula editor EXE. To edit AFL files you have to open AmiBroker software because formula editor is integral part of AmiBroker executable.

You can. Open AmiBroker. Then open Formula editor from within AmiBroker UI to open AFL from File - Open or File - Recent file list. Or go to Charts window of AmiBroker and right click any AFL to choose "Edit" of context menu.

AFL files are not associated to any executable by default.

However you can associate AFLs to 3rd party editors yourself by right clicking any AFL on your HDD (hard drive) and choosing Properties of context menu. And in General tab you can change application AFLs shall be opened with after double clicking AFL file (see Change button in picture below). As you can see I have associated AFLs to Notepad++.


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Thanks for your reply, obviously my assumption was false and although Source had associated itself with AFL files that was not causing the problem. I discovered what the problem was and now can edit formulas again (the window was mysteriously "lost" offscreen, so I was able to move it back into view and now all is good).