AFL for Chande Trend Meter?

Hello. Has anyone seen or created AFL code for the Chande Trend Meter? I searched this forum and AFL library, and did not find it.

I'm not referring to Chande's other indicators - but specifically the Chande Trend Meter. I gather it's one of his newer indicators.

CTM Overview at StockCharts

Thanks much!

@cby1 your link does not include a formula for calculating the indicator. If you don't have the formula then you can't expect someone to code the indicator.

After a quick search, I think the indicator remains proprietary and if so then you can not code it. That means you will have to try using one of the other dozens of indicators of "trend" that are not proprietary.

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Could you please suggest a good trend indicator afl with TF and settings, please?

@port - I was unable to find the calculation for it - if anyone has seen that, I'll take it and code the indicator myself. But I think you are correct, it's probably proprietary :-(.

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@santy There is no magic trend indicator. The variations on the same theme can be read about in most trading/investing books. You can look into the obvious popular and well known and some of my favorites:

Moving averages, price channels (higher highs, higher lows, etc), r-squared or regression slopes, trendlines, Gerald Appel’s MACD, Welles Wilder’s ADX, many measures of momentum, Adam White’s Vertical Horizontal Filter, Kaufman’s Efficiency Ratio, Katsanos’ Congestion Index, Kestner’s Moving Average Confluence Score, an on and on with a hundred other ideas on the same topic.

And I don’t know why you ask about time frame as that is completely dependent on your trading strategy. Most trend identifiers can be slotted into any timeframe you choose to look at.

I suggest you read a couple of dozen trading books, code a couple of dozen strategies and test a variety of indicators so that you can get a "feel" for how they each respond to price action.