AFL for Demand and Supply Zone

Hi... I am looking for Demand and Supply Zone FUNCTION to be incorporated in a different AFL.

Can anybody help to provide the Demand and Supply Zone Indicator (or auto Support and Resistance FUNCTION could also help).


I also want this tool. I tried with rectangle tool extended but amibroker showing error. Please help.


The formula that you are trying to use is BAD. Search for Warning 901:
and see this

how to change BAD formula into correct one.

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I am not using any formula. Showing the same error when I draw rectangle tool in the price chart and extending it to right. Please look into it.


:point_up_2: 6 months old supply zone marked in 5 minute chart using rectangle tool.

My PC configuration : Intel Core i5 - 4460 CPU @3.20 GHz, Inbuilt Graphics, 8 GB Ram,